Welcoming new expatriates

In a quickly changing global world, we all, sooner or later, have to undergo relocation. Depending on the assistance and advice you are given, this experience can be as easy as riding a bike or it can turn into a nightmare.
That is why at MF MOBILITY, we strongly believe that the initial contact and a close cooperation between the employee and our team is the key to a successful relocation.
Our main objective is indeed to make sure we meet the transferee’s expectations so that they can quickly and painlessly settle into their new living environment.

   • First contact and information on the services provided

    • Identification of the type of accommodation desired (property requirements)

    • Information pack presenting the South West region of France, including :
            • Maps
            • Folders, brochures
            • A guidebook in the language of your choice
            • City plans of the cities to visit

    • Visit and orientation tour of your new housing environment